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Meissner Jacquét has an established track record for increasing the performance and value of commercial real estate assets under management. Our asset management team is hands on and responsive, while simultaneously focusing on ownership perspectives related to positioning the asset. Elements of our approach to asset management include: business plan preparation, portfolio diversification strategy, lease renewal strategy, capital investment, and hold versus sell analysis.

Active Asset Management

Asset Management

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Meissner Jacquét has mastered the components of asset management that directly affect an asset’s underlying value through our decision-making process taken from a property, asset, and portfolio management perspective.

Our asset management experience includes a working knowledge of real estate investment objectives and valuation; risk analysis; investment buy-sell decision analysis, including the identification, acquisition, operation and disposition of assets; financing and refinance decisions; repositioning and renovation decisions; and broker identification and leasing programs. A senior executive will provide consultation regarding the best methods to achieve the investment goals, including an evaluation of capital projects, leasing strategies, and financial projections.

Crucial to achieving success is establishing a working plan which includes evaluation of the investment property’s financial performance, recommendations regarding physical plant issues, effectuation of marketing and leasing programs, and tenant interface.

Meissner Jacquét’s asset management goal is to increase property performance and position our clients’ real estate investments for economic success by implementing detailed business plans, instituting effective leasing strategies, appropriately allocating capital investment, and performing hold-versus-sell analysis. We aspire to outperform our clients’ expectations.


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