5 Alpine Resorts to Add to Your Bucket List

As winter weather starts to blow in, it stirs the desire to plan an escape to snow-capped mountains. If a luxurious winter getaway is in on your mind, be sure to check out five new and improved classy, alpine-themed resorts that offer high-end accommodations.

Hotel Barriere Les Neiges Image

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Potential Economic Consequences from President-elect Trump’s Policies

Many Americans are speculating about what Donald Trump’s presidential win will mean for global economies during his term in office and over the long term. If President-elect Trump’s policy statements that he promised on the campaign trail come to fruition, it will signify a coming shift in global policies surrounding free trade, immigration and international […]

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Four Factors that Make for Award-Winning Development

Right now the industry buzzword is “creative” office space – marked by highly functional, yet aesthetically appealing design conducive to employee collaboration and interaction.

Yet when considering a commercial project’s overall appeal, there are many other critical factors to consider – from sustainability to economic impact, and high-tech amenities to community needs.

Ultimately, award-winning development integrates with […]

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The Market has Chosen Hillary Clinton as The Next President

With the Presidential election right around the corner on November 8, it appears that investors have already identified their candidate – and it isn’t in favor of Donald Trump. Apparently Wall Street has a record of predicting future presidents, according to an S&P Global Market Intelligence analyst. The trend has shown that since the early […]

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Slow Job Growth Signals Weaker Office Absorption in Second Half of 2016

With U.S. monthly job growth vacillating between highs and lows, what does the office space demand forecast look like for the remainder of the year? According to Dr. Hany Guirguis of Manhattan College, and Dr. Joshua Harries of the University of Central Florida, the 2016 national office market forecast approximates absorption at 34.6 million square […]

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The Lowdown on Life Sciences and Biotech Leases

From regulatory compliance to owner-tenant collaboration, the life sciences and biotech industries present some compelling commercial real estate leasing opportunities and challenges. In order to maximize negotiating leverage and anticipate costly issues that could arise during a lease term, business owners who are looking to lease to companies in these sectors should keep some key […]

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Increasing Financial Regulations Signal CRE Professionals to Prepare

The commercial real estate finance sector has been cautious in regards to worsening conditions in the global economy and a slowdown in the U.S. economy.  Although investors feel that the market is holding, tightening lending and accounting regulations are putting more pressure on commercial real estate players.

Increased Regulation Signals Higher Costs for Borrowers

Since the recession, […]

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How Young Professionals Can Get Ahead in the Growing CRE Field

How does a professional still in the early years of his or her career succeed in the commercial real estate profession?  The first steps are to focus on the big picture and obtain the right credentials. Beyond that, learn the top four areas that are critical for rising to the top in the commercial real […]

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6 Key Commercial Real Estate Disruptors

Land use and commercial real estate’s demand-supply dynamic are set to experience a significant change by the time the year 2030 rolls around. Given the almost daily technological advancements and changing consumer behavior, commercial real estate professionals should reevaluate their business models and focus on the leading factors of this disruptive change.

Four key macro trends […]

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Global Factors Influence Office & Industrial Trends

Two months into 2016 and there are five trends to watch this year for office and industrial commercial real estate. Marcus & Millichap experts discussed topics such as jobs, oil, interest rates and inflation as factors influencing the company’s 2016 U.S. Office & Industrial Investment Forecast.  See below for what they and other commercial real […]

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