Towing Provides More than Just a Lift

Towing usually is not top of mind when you think of commercial property management but it is an integral service that is used by almost all commercial property owners and managers at some time or another. Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services, a San Diego-based commercial property management and real estate service provider understands the […]

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How Can You Mitigate Pest Infestation?

Everyone has pests. Some may big and some may be unseen with the naked eye.  Pest infestation can occur in both your home and your place of work.  Pestgon, a professional pest management company that serves the pest control needs of Southern California, receives calls from residential and commercial tenants alike expressing wonderment at the […]

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Why an Electrician Should Provide More Than Just Electricity

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Robeck Electrical Maintenance is a full service contractor located in San Diego and has been providing superior electrical services to San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties for over 40 years.  Robeck provides electrical and lighting maintenance services to over 500 commercial businesses and properties.

Robeck’s electrical […]

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Does your HVAC System Save You Money?

Ontario Refrigeration has been providing commercial air conditioning services to California, Arizona, and Nevada customers for over 55 years. With offices in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Ontario, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Jose, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, the company is ideally positioned to serve the South Western United States. Company president, Phil Talleur, is the third-generation […]

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Parking Lots: The Next Big Thing?

Eduardo Moehlecke, a Senior Real Estate Manager with Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services, is all about going the extra mile both professionally and personally. His move from hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil brought him over 6,000 miles to San Diego, California, where he has been with Meissner Jacquet since 2002.  A trek like that takes […]

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Purchasing Leverage Can Lead to Savings

Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services is considered a major account to vendors and insurance providers. This purchasing leverage allows for better pricing negotiation on vendor services and the ability to obtain substantial savings in areas such as insurance premiums and volume purchasing. Meissner Jacquet utilizes vendors that are both national and regional in size, […]

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Industrial Case Study

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Property Name: National Distribution Center
Case Study: Industrial Property Management
Property Location: 1000 & 1022 W. Bay Marina Dr. National City, CA 91950
Property Description: Industrial Space, 340,566 Total Square Feet


Client Requirements

National Distribution Center consists […]

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Construction Management Experience a Requirement for Property Managers

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Mr. Kelly Purcell, RPA, serves as Senior Portfolio Manager for Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services and has over 18 years of broad-based real estate management experience including the management of complex commercial properties involving a variety of financial structures, physical conditions, tenant mixes and investors.

Since Mr. […]

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Is Fire Season Out-of-Season?

Owning and operating a commercial building comes with inherent risks.  However tirelessly you work to ensure the building is properly cared for and maintained; no matter what, you have to trust that your building systems will perform.  At the end of the day, you might understand basic building repairs but you are likely not an […]

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MJ Employee Elected to NAIOP Developing Leaders Council

Danielle-D-Andrea_ImageThe NAIOP San Diego Developing Leader program was established in 2005 to provide a networking platform to enhance emerging careers for professionals aged 35 and under through education, mentorship, community involvement, and peer support in the commercial real estate industry.  The program aims to establish leadership, develop […]

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