BOMA Participation Pays Off

2014 was a banner year for Meissner Jacquét and its  commercial real estate management team. Besides maintaining a management portfolio totaling over 11.25 million square feet of office, retail, industrial and Commercial Owner Association properties throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Imperial Counties, and select areas in Arizona, Meissner Jacquét received notable awards […]

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Where Have All the Retailers Gone?

What will the retail market look like in 2015?  With the disappearance of popular tenants such as Mervyn’s, Borders, and Blockbuster due to e-commerce, e-readers, and online movie rentals, the retail landscape looks different than just 5 years ago.  Technology is only partially responsible for the decline in brick-and-mortar stores – during the first quarter […]

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What Does Walkable Urbanism and Dogs Have In Common?

​What does walkable urbanism and dogs have in common? These trends are predictors of future development and are the current expectations of office, retail and multi-family tenants.

All across America, investors, developers and landlords are positioning their commercial assets to meet the needs of today’s tenants – particularly Millennials and Empty Nesters. These two generations are […]

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Technology and Commercial Real Estate: Competing or Complementary?

mj newsletter 52014 has brought positive changes to both technology and the commercial real estate industries. Key changes in the economy have made commercial real estate markets more valuable and the outlook in the coming years is positive. With all of the technological advances continued […]

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Ten Tips for Successful Tenancy

Navigating the waters of tenant vacancies can be daunting, even for seasoned commercial real estate professionals. From choosing the right leasing agent to the right tenant, it can at times feel similar to gambling. Not sure whether you’re betting on a winner or a loser.

Below are ten helpful strategies to ensure a successful tenant mix.

Learn […]

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How to Select the Right Broker

When considering who should represent your vacant commercial space, there are multiple areas to deliberate.  Including creating a long-term, stable environment in which the tenants can conduct their business while maximizing asset operating income.  While keeping in mind, that tenants evaluate a space not only throughout the lease term but also during the negotiation and […]

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Zero-Energy Buildings are the Surge of the Future

Real estate developers, leasing professionals and retailers are always on the look-out for ways to improve tenant appeal, increase tenant retention, and boost consumer sales. Common approaches include, tenant improvements, rent reductions, and consumer promotions.

Besides offering incentives that save on green, many real estate professionals are acknowledging the benefits of going green. Common approaches to embracing green initiatives […]

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E-Commerce Buoys Demand for Industrial Space

E-commerce began in the 1960s and affected all aspects of shopping, including brick-and-mortar stores.  The age of electronic transactions via a shopper’s computer or mobile handheld smart device has fueled the consumer industry and consequently affected the commercial real estate industry.

When buying and selling goods over the internet gained momentum, store owners and suppliers of […]

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Why Worry About Energy Management?

Owning and operating commercial real estate is a time-consuming business.  Whether it is overseeing property operations, tenant relations, construction management, capital improvements, or lease renewals; property issues are labor intensive and require constant attention.  Adding to this already complex business is the demand for energy management and sustainability in commercial spaces.

Minimizing energy consumption, water and […]

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Multi-Generational Workforce Dictates Office Space

Gone are the rows upon rows of cubes and filing cabinets and the abundance of private offices. Today’s corporate office takes on the shape of an interactive, collaborative space.   The challenge that corporations, and those that deliver commercial real estate office space, are faced with includes accommodating as many as four different workforce generations in […]

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