Undertaking a space renovation or building improvement requires teamwork and a well-defined approach. Successful projects involve a three-tiered construction management approach that should add value, provide negotiating expertise, and manage details. See why Meissner Jacquét’s construction management approach makes us one of the top commercial construction management companies.

Property Name:                               Farmers Insurance Building

Property Location:                          5280 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92121

Property Description:                    Office, totaling 32,051 square feet

Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services was recently contracted by ownership to provide professional commercial property management services and oversight of construction management to the property located at 5280 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, in the highly sought-after submarket of Sorrento Mesa.

Client Requirements

The 32,051 square foot office building is comprised of three floors, two of which are occupied by a single tenant. The third floor is currently vacant and undergoing extensive renovations, where Meissner Jacquét is providing the construction management oversight. In addition to the space renovation, Meissner Jacquét is also overseeing various building improvements consisting of deferred maintenance items such as, roofing, HVAC, elevator and lobby modernization, paint, signage, and landscaping.



Meissner Jacquét provides construction management value to ownership through their knowledge of building products, building costs and construction techniques, and through their relationships with general contractors and subcontractors to ensure the best contractor candidates compete for the project.

Due to Meissner Jacquét’s experience with negotiating millions of dollars’ worth of exterior and interior upgrades, including HVAC, chillers, boilers, landscaping renovation, signage, and property improvement contracts throughout Southern California, they understand that close, on-site supervision is required to verify that the products and quality negotiated are, in fact, utilized. Therefore, Meissner Jacquét diligently supervises all service providers to ensure that the space renovation and building improvements are completed according to plan and on time. Meissner Jacquét is considered a major account to vendors and service providers and this purchasing leverage allows for better pricing negotiation and substantial cost savings, resulting in the ability to stay within budget.


In order to achieve ownership’s objectives of obtaining full occupancy, maintaining operational excellence, and maximizing operating income, Meissner Jacquét focuses on completing the space renovation and building improvements on time and within budget by instituting cost effective construction management processes and adhering to the financial goals and parameters of the project to ensure maximum cash flow in both the short and long term.


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